Rooms and apartments

Choose one of our newly refurbished rooms for your stay and recharge
your batteries.

Monastic cell

Stay in one of the newly renovated monastic cells and experience the unique atmosphere of the Broumov Monastery.

  • 20 m2 rooms
  • Capacity for up to 82 guests
  • Rooms with 2 and 4 beds (twin beds or bunk beds with extra beds)
  • Free Internet access (Wi-Fi)
  • Wheelchair accessible rooms available
  • Newly renovated unisex bathroom in the corridors
  • Quality bathrobes in the rooms
  • Common room with kitchen facilities


Are you looking for a place to stay that is stylish but affordable? Are you planning a school trip, sports camp or a summer camp? Our dormitory is the right place for you.

  • Capacity for up to 24 people
  • Free Internet access (Wi-Fi)
  • Possibility of your own bedding or sleeping bag
  • Newly renovated unisex bathroom in the corridors
  • Common room with kitchen facilities
  • Breakfast available


Start your day with a great breakfast right here in the monastery.

You can look forward to:

  •  Great espresso from local roastery Kafírna, and filter coffee, tea or decaffeinated coffee
  • Cow’s milk, soya milk
  • 100% orange juice, spring water with lemon
  • Fresh white, brown or gluten-free pastry, strudel, cake bábovka
  • Quality homemade jams, honey, butter
  • A selection of cheeses and quality sausages/smoked meat
  • White and fruity yoghurt, low-fat yoghurt, a wide selection of cereals, muesli
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Boiled eggs

Is there something that’s missing? Write to us!

Enjoy your meal!